Smoky Chilli-Lime Sunbites Corn on the Cob – Recipe idea

Chilli, lime and corn are a match made in Tex-Mex heaven. This recipe adds a little extra sunshine to your Sunbites without added fat, sugar or salt. When it’s too cold outside for grilling, use an indoor grill or the broiler in your oven to prepare your Sunbites. Enjoy!

Your comments about Sunbites!

We recently asked a few people who have tasted Sunbites Corn on the Cob to share their impressions. This should give you a good idea while you’re waiting to taste them yourself.

“Very good, much tastier than canned corn. Perfect comfort food side dish. Marc, Designer, Montreal

Encourage kids to eat more veggies

Do you struggle to get vegetables into your child? You’re not alone! While tempting, it’s so important not to pressure or force your child to take “3 bites.” This backfires, and they will likely have a life-long hate-on for broccoli! Repeated exposure is also important. Children can have a fear of new things, called “Neophobia”. They also have changing tastes. It may take up to 15 tries before your child will choose to eat the food. Or maybe they will never choose to eat the food; we all have personal likes & dislikes!

Sunbites: An interview with Agronomist Vincent Giasson

Providing corn for Canadians to enjoy all year long is an ambitious goal that requires the active participation of passionate and committed producers. We spoke with Vincent Giasson, Agronomist at Spécialités Lassonde.

8 interesting ways to enjoy Sunbites

Sunbites is a sensible way to bring a little joy to our taste buds and a little sunshine to our plates. These are big, juicy ears of corn that taste great all by themselves, any time of the year.

Because we love taking a bite out of summer and of life, we asked several foodies to share their favourite ways to enjoy corn on the cob. Here are a few inspiring examples from a nutritionist who is also an avid cook.

My Corn: Butter or Margarine?

Outdoors, a pound of butter placed on the plastic tablecloth at the end of August – does this bring anything to mind? Of course: corn roasts! People love to roll their ear of corn in the butter before savouring it, which makes the salt sprinkled on top stick that much better.

However, these steps also add calories derived from fat. After eating 3 ears, it shouldn’t be surprising to see the calories climb to over 500, with more than half of these coming from fat…

What should I do?

Sunbites: Discover ready-to-eat corn!

When we launched Sunbites corn, we decided to introduce it to various members of the industry to get their impressions of the product.

Here is what Dietician-Nutritionist, author and speaker, Alexandra Leduc had to say.

A nutritionist shares her thoughts with us

Delicious, homegrown sweet corn that can be eaten all year round, who would have guessed? This is what Lassonde Specialties is offering with their new product: Sunbites.

Sunbites: Corn and its antioxidant properties

From the get-go, we associate the antioxidant power of a food with its colour. The more colour, the better its antioxidant potential. Therefore, we wouldn’t be likely to assume that corn is a food known for its antioxidant properties, but it does in fact contain a measure of antioxidants comparable to orange juice with an ORAC1 score of 728.

In this regard, sweet corn even surpasses certain fruits like papaya, watermelon and pineapple. Who’d have thought? However, this antioxidant power is still relatively low in comparison to that of certain spices, dark chocolate, wild berries and red wine.

Have you heard of complementary proteins?

Complementary proteins are important to consider when a meal contains no animal-derived protein.

Vegetarians and vegans may be more familiar with the concept, but the fact remains that meals without meat are becoming more and more popular (see:, a movement that supports taking one day a week without meat to help the planet and our own health).

Let’s look a little closer

Complementary protein is based on the premise that vegetable proteins are not complete, meaning they lack certain essential amino acids.

Amino acids contribute to protein synthesis in the body. Sequences of tens – or hundreds – of amino acids are needed to create a protein.

Everything you need to know about the benefits of corn

Corn is widely loved for its tender, sweet flavour. It reminds us of our childhood and corn roasts and huge family gatherings. Corn is also an ingredient in pâté chinois, one of the most comforting meals there is. These comfort foods may also make us feel good by stimulating the release of serotonin, the happiness hormone.

Eat corn – it’s good for your eyes!

We’ve all heard: Eat your carrots – they’re good for your eyes! It’s true, carrots have great benefits to ocular health, but we could replace carrots with corn and the old adage would still hold true! So… let’s eat corn!

Sunbites: Vegetable and whole grain in one food?

Year after year the reports are the same: Canadians are not eating enough vegetables and whole grains. Our meals still contain too much refined grains, sugar and fat, and not enough whole, fresh nutrients.